Thanks for your thoughtful response. I wish our election system had as much integrity as Canada's system. It used to be ballot and pencil 20, 25 years ago in the US, but Dems have relaxed election laws systematically over the years. Our populations may also play a part: 38M vs 330M.

1) It wasn't just one machine, it was 16 that were audited.

2) Yes, the finger could point both ways. Show one case, just one, where the irregularities benefited Trump.

3) I made it clear that the report only proves fraud in Antrim County. That alone would not flip MI, but it should support the investigation of many machines, which the Dems are blocking. Why are they so afraid to be transparent? We know why.

4) There IS video evidence of R watchers being pushed out. The GA video got some play, but the media is telling us our eyes are lying. The whole video is hours long, but definitely shows Rs being escorted out, a long table being placed where there was not table, and later suitcases being of ballots being pulled out from under the table when only Dem workers are there at 3 am.

There are also MANY affidavits testifying to R's, and only R's not being allowed to verify ballots and signature and counting. I cover this in my other story from the hearings.

5) I'm not clear if the Nov 5 count was the hand count bc the numbers from the press released said the difference was 3k votes, and that difference is only 2,500. It may have been a hand recount of the images, not the actual ballots themselves. The final count is after the auditors removed the bias (the cheating) that the machines were applying to the votes.

6) Testimony from a MI State Senator wanted to make it clear that it was ONLY the Dem MI Governor who bought new machines for MI. Apparently it was not a mutual purchase. But even if it was, the machines can be altered via laptops, USB devises, and bluetooth communications even DURING the tabulating. That's what the adjudication was all about.

7) Precisely, so let's look at a bunch more machines, shall we. But Dems are blocking and fighting every step of the way. I think your point about showing a judge and EVERYONE how the machines cheat on camera is necessary to shine the light on the truth. We all need to see what happened to prove integrity of the result.

Editor of That Ain’t Right and Our Thorium Future.

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