Thanks, Dave. The biggest hurdle is overcoming people's perceptions of nuclear. The public generally believes that nuclear is terrible bc of the bad press it gets and the scary movies. But you're right, it's actually the safest energy there is. I'm hoping Thorium will help cure the perceptions since it's much safer, emits 95% less waste, and provides consistent reliable energy, unlike renewables.

The second biggest hurdle will be getting the established corporations on board. This includes the current nuclear energy, coal and oil, and the power companies, who, like old and slow dinosaurs are resistant to any kind of…

Here's the truth.... if we stop all the Mack Trucks right now, all of them, as in, we completely and immediately go to carbon zero behavior, 98.8% of all green house gases will still be in the atmosphere, which is water vapor, not CO2.

No doubt, the earth is warming, but it has little to do with our beliefs or our behavior. It has more to do with solar cycles, ocean cycles, cloud cover, geologic activity and other things we have no control over. …

The weakness that limits the magic of solar energy

Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

It is time we face the music about solar energy.

After studying data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) and doing some calculations, it is clear that solar energy has it’s limitations. Continuing to subsidize and promote it as a panacea, or a remedy for our energy challenges is misguided thinking. No doubt, it can play a part, but there is a weakness, a vulnerability that we must come to grips with.

Solar energy is a great solution for small scale applications, really, it’s like magic. Aside from the cost…

What r/K Theory teaches us about culture and politics

(illustration by author)

Last I spoke on this topic, I introduced readers to r-K Theory, a big-picture, biological theory that explains why animals evolve and behave the way they do, which is dependent on whether or not there are plentiful or scarce resources in their environment. Let me provide a quick review:

When resources are scarce over a long time, animals tend to develop K-behavior that requires higher intellect and cultivates social skills like rank, order and communication. They develop monogamous mating habits and invest a lot of time and energy in raising a few offspring. They are competitive and defend their territory…

Blue View — Red View

The American Rescue Plan: will it help or hinder?

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

The Blue View — by DJB

America certainly loves its Superheroes, and this country is certainly in need of one now. I know there are Avengers everywhere, but I’m not sure what they are avenging. I know that Biden is trying to be the first totally post-Reagan president. He needs to begin to avenge the destruction of American society that has resulted from the small-government low-taxes approach.

To do so Biden has proposed the $1.9 Trillion, let me write that out for you: $1,900,000,000,000, rescue package. He wants to take that money from nowhere, print it, and give it to the people, almost all the people…

Blue View — Red View

Does social media have a right to silence us?

(altered images from,,

The Blue View — By DJB

As each member of the US House of Representatives rose to speak during the impeachment discussion, it became clear that a lot of what they were arguing about was who gets to speak, and what they are allowed to say.

There have always been heated discussions about what “free speech” really means, and what are its limits. This discussion has become much more complicated due to how much “speech” these days is done over social media platforms. Especially because it can be done anonymously or behind a pseudonym. If someone threatens to rip your ears off on Twitter, is that…

What r/K Theory can teach us about parenting

Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash

Why is it that so many young people have such fragile egos? They are easily offended. They run from confrontation. They lack confidence and some will cry at the slightest disapproval. Their communication skills and knowledge about life are often limited. Their inability to cope with the bumps in that road of life can be debilitating. In the extreme it has led to higher rates of depression and suicide. These growing character flaws occur so often that a new “snowflake” meme has evolved in our culture.

So how have we come to this?

Many would say it’s soft parenting. Many…

Red View — Blue View

What good has Trump done for anyone?

image from

This is installment #3 of our Red View — Blue View series where two writers give opinions on political topics, one from each side of the isle. Part of our goal is to bring understanding, to de-escalate presumptions, and to shine a light on truth when it can be found. Reader’s views are welcome in the comments, especially if they bring clarity and light.

On the eve of Trump probably moving out of the White House, today’s topic is about the future of the Republican Party.

How does 19% approval translate to election victory?

modified image from

There have been a hand full of articles on this platform over election fraud this season, and most of it gets ignored because the accusations are favorable toward Trump. People assume that it’s just Trumpsters getting upset “because he lost.” But would Democrats feel the same if it was one of their own that was cheated out? Indeed, statistical anomalies are showing that Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, may not have been playing fair, perhaps cheating Democrat Amy McGrath out of a Senate seat. …

You got to know when to hold ’em — to force transparency

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

It’s been an unprecedented season of poker in the political world. We started with 30 candidates and quickly the players dwindled as some didn’t have enough chips to ante up the fee to play the game. Unknowns like Mike Gravel, Seth Moulton, Wayne Messam, and John Hickenlooper (just the name would keep him out of the White House) withdrew from the game before the first hand was dealt, failing to appear on any presidential primary ballot.

Others had some name recognition, Kristen Gillibrand, Bill de Blasio, and Beto O’Rourke, and they got some good press, but when the cameras zoomed…

Jim West

Editor of That Ain’t Right and Our Thorium Future.

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